Ralph Northcott is the owner and proprietor of the Devon Cactus Nurseries and he asked us to visit his nursery after the SWG Show in Exeter last year (2019) to see if we could help him to upgrade his existing aluminium and steel benches to take our ebb ‘n’ flow trays to improve his watering effectiveness and reduce time spent as his website sales were growing rapidly

At the meeting on-site we measured the benching in question and also discussed some other requirements he had where he was using pallet racking and stacked pallets to make some temporary shelving and staging. We were able to offer our bespoke all-steel staging and an offer was put forward to which Ralph agreed to by email

Then the fun started…

“Their onsite consultant had overlooked the floor gradient which resulted in some installation issues but these were rectified very quickly and professionally” says Ralph with a smile. “Extra parts turned up without extra costs and a fitter arrived a few days later to assist with the installation which was outstanding. Since then everything has gone very smoothly. Whenever I was looking for help they were right there at the end of a phone”

“Clearly they were prepared to go the extra mile” says Ralph at the interview. “My trays were 1600mm wide and over 8m long – but that didn’t present any problem. The adhesive and everything was supplied in a timely manner on their own van service from Ireland and spares were sent by courier”